Earn to Die App Reviews

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It is a good game with out wifi

Awsome game

On my 4th time beating it


I wish there were updates and the game was longer

Good Game

Great game I prefer the 2nd earn to die game just because you get more upgrades. This game is a good time waster when your on a road trip or waiting. Wish it were longer.

Slow motion

Good game but I dont like the slow motion

Its okay

But the second one is better and this game is a bit short


This is a great and fun game. I have played it through several times using different configurations to try and beat my previous score.

Well worth it

Discovered the game while looking to kill time at work. Best $1 Ive spent!!

Great game

I just got this game. I love all of the cars and the style of the game.


Very fun and wastes time.


Pretty cool. :)

This game is awesome!

You will love this game it is really fun and it lasts a long time

Wish there was Lasting appeal

For the money this was a worthless game, done within a 12 hour period. I would like a refund. Dont buy it if you want a game that lasts more than a day.

Good old kongregate

I just beat this game in like 4 hours. Unlocked two new modes. I havent even tried them yet and I bought the sequel to this game just to support the people who made this game. This game is very fun. Worth the couple of bucks. Also no ads or IAPs to be found. Hallelujah.

Really great game worth the $

Super great

Excellent game, good fun

I really enjoyed playing this game its well put together and throughly entertaining

Simple Fun

Build your car to crush zombies!

Really great game!

Very addictive. You just want to try just one more time. :)


BUY this its sooo fun on the next world you get 1000 coins per round!!!!

Shouldnt have to pay

This game is fun... for 2 days until you finish the storyline. With how little there is to this game it should be free. Dont pay for 2 days of gameplay.

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